Pre-Printed Packs – UK

Just so you know, we love putting together these pages to save you the leg work but it’s also nice to earn a little bit. The pre-printed links we put on these blogs contribute a few pennies to the awardbox coffers when you use them to buy from, but dont cost you anything more. They’re called affiliate links. We hope you wont mind! Of course this means we have a disclaimer too, click here.

There is not an amazing choice for pre-printed or bulk packs but here is our compliation of the more generic offerings through Amazon.

If you are over printing through your desk top printer, then paper thickness needs to be thin enough to go through which can mean the finished item feels a bit more flimsy than you may have hoped.

If you are looking for Achievement certificates then these 6 are quite swish!

Of the three reviews they each give 5 stars for quality. Nice and traditional. NOTE. It says not suitable for printing probably because of the foil embossing so you’ll need good hand writing.

Nice sticker certificate combo.

These will work well if your own hand writing is no so good. These are printable and then you can add the accompanying sticker. Remember that because it will go through your printer it may be a bit flimsy.

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